Recalculating Final Grades


Occasionally, final grades will need to be recalculated, such as in the event of incorrectly set category weights. Follow the instructions below to automatically recalculate your final grades. Note: even though the procedure states that these are final grades, you can run this process on any term (Q1, Q2, S1, etc.).

Step 1

Log into PowerTeacher Pro ( and open your gradebook.

Step 2

On the blue navigation bar, go to Grading > Scoresheet

Step 3

At the top right of the page, change the term to S1.

Step 4

Click the gear icon at the top right and select Recalculate Final Grades

Step 5

  • From the Select Classes drop down menu, select all of your classes.
  • Click the Traditional Final Grades checkbox

Step 6

When you have completed the steps to setup the recalculation, click the green Recalculate button.