End of Term Procedures


Procedure to finalize grades

Please keep in mind that once grades are stored, there will be no way to change a grade. Please ensure that what you are submitting is the final grade.

All grades must be marked as Finalized before we begin storing grades.  To mark a class’s gradebook as finalized, follow the below procedure.  You must complete this procedure for every class in your gradebook.

  1. Log into your gradebook and launch PowerTeacher Pro (PTP)
  2. From the charms menu on the left hand side, go to Grading

  3. Select Comment Verification
  4. On the bottom right side of the page, click Final Grade Status
  5. Click the check box on the right side of the popup window that says Q1 Final Grades are Complete.  If you have a comment, please fill it in, such as “John Doe has an incomplete, I’m waiting for him to submit a missing assignment”  You are not writing comments about individual students.  Click the green Save button.
  6. Click the green Save button at the bottom of the page

Once you have finalized your grades, we will provide the Final Grade Verification forms for your classes for you to review and sign off.  If you need to change any grades, please note it on your form and change it in your gradebook.  You will not need to finalize your gradebook again.