Choosing PowerSchool Courses

  PowerSchool Parent Portal

To choose your courses for the next school year, follow the steps below. If you have any issues, submit a trouble ticket by clicking here.

Step 1

Log into PowerSchool and go to Class Registration on the Navigation menu.

Step 2

Course request not completed
Course request completed

On the Course Selection Screen, choose the Pencil icon on the right of the required course.

Note: Courses without a selection are marked with a red exclamation point. Courses that have a selection made are marked with a green check mark.

Step 3

Click the picture to enlarge

Select a course by checking the box to the left of the Course Name.  After you have made a selection, click the blue Okay button.

Core classes, such as Religion and Physical Education, may already be completed for you and you cannot change the requests.  Other courses, such as Electives, may require you to choose more than one course.  Certain courses may also have prerequisites that must be met before selecting the course.

Please note: if you choose Sociology as an elective, you will automatically receive Psychology for the second semester.

Step 4

Repeat Step 3 until all courses are showing a green check mark

Step 5

Once you have completed the requests and all classes are showing a green check mark, click the blue Submit button at the bottom of the screen.