Adjusting Category Weights

  PowerTeacher, Start of Year Procedures

Traditional Category Weights are used to calculate the final grade for a quarter/semester/ yearly grade.

Step 1

Log into PowerTeacher Pro ( and open your gradebook.

Step 2

On the blue navigation bar, go to Grading > Categories

Ensure that your categories are setup.  By default, RCAN provides the following categories:

  • Classwork
  • Homework
  • Quiz
  • Project
  • Test

To setup your categories, click here to view the “Category Setup” tutorial.

Step 3

After ensuring that your categories are setup, go to Settings > Traditional Grade Calculations

Step 4

On the Traditional Grade Calculations screen, click the Actions icon.

Step 5

Ensure the settings in the screenshot to the left are correct.

  • Type: This must be set to Category Weight.
  • Attribute: These are the categories you want to be included in final grade calculation. You can change these from the drop down menu by clicking on the blue arrow.
  • Weight: Set the weight value for each category.  Your percents must equal 100% when all weights are adjusted.

To remove a category, click the minus button to the right of the category you no longer wish to use.

To add a category, click the plus button on the top blue bar next to the Percent field.

Step 6

When you have completed your weight setup and you ensure that your numbers add up to 100%, click the green Save button.